Testimonial carosel width in 2 columns row layout bug

Hi guys,

first I want to thank you for the nice job you are doing!

I think I have found a bug in the testimonials layout width.

How to reproduce the bug:

  1. PAGES > Edit a Page with ‘Page Builder’
  2. Add Row with settings: columns:2, Row-Layout: Full Width Streched
  3. Add Widget > Sydney FT: Testimonials ( make sure you have 1 or 2 testimonials )
  4. Update / Publish and then look at the layout with of the owl-carosel, it doesnt fit the width totally, onyl after you resize the page with -1/+1 pixel :frowning:

See the Bug here:
a) Call the page:
b) Resize the page:

Can you please give me a hint here?


Hello Tudor,

what you describe is a conflict between the jquery carousel code and the page builder I guess. The carousel calculates the width of its content to show before the page builder updates the width of the stretched row from boxed to the full content.

You could try to work with full width row instead of a stretched one. Then the problem shouldn’t appear.

I will write the developer but since this is an edge case with stretched rows and the carousels only I don’t know when it may be fixed.

Best regards