Template element at end of all Pages - footer?


i made a template, wich i put on all of my pages by hand.
However this is very frustrating, especially when u try to maintain them.

Is there a way to include this template an every page i do ?

Thank you in advance

Hello there,

The solution for this might be editing the theme’s footer.php file and insert custom in there. To do so, you’d need to use a child theme, so that you’ll still be able to update the theme without loosing any file modifications.


You could use our pre-made child theme for your starting point.


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Thank you for your advice, however is it possible to include a template into the footer.php or does i need to hardcode it ?

I am sorry, I didn’t get it clearly. Do you have an example to tell that describes it better?


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As far as i understood the footer.php file, one can write hardcoded html code inside the footer.
However i rather would like to include a template into the footer like this:

<footer id="colophon" class="site-footer" role="contentinfo">
		<!-- include template "Awesome_footer_template" here -->

</footer><!-- #colophon -->

It feels more user friendly compared to hardcoded elements

Any idear how one can achive this?

Thank you very much in advance

Any idea how i can achieve this?
I found this plugin which works fine, IF i choose the “elementor canvas” template for a page, however than i loose my sydney header.

does anyone know how to get both?
The sydney header + elementor canvas footer

Maybe modify the canvas template in such a way that it supports the sydney header

That isn’t an issue as Elementor Canvas is a special template that focuses on main content display. To display header and footer on this template, you might want to use this plugin: