TC Custom Javascript plugin not updating to input your codes - U recommended it

I could not update the TC Custom Javascript Plugin Code when I entered it. It defaulted back to the first code when I updated it. I deleted it and re-installed and it still defaults back to the last code you gave me. I then deactivated TC Custom Javascript, downloaded Add Admin Javascript, and added the code to the Admin JavaScript (in head) section and had the same problem. I then moved the code to the
Admin JavaScript Files section and got the same exact problem for the third time. Is there something I can do to purge the TC Custom Javascript code? I have cleared all caches in wordpress and the caches in the siteground cpanel too and no results.

The code has now reverted back to the original code that did not work. Now I have the original problem.

Hello Scott,

Please try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Sydney Toolbox, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Crelly Slider, TC Custom JavaScript, and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

It did not work. Reverted back to the first code you recommended

Since you have not responded and I still need help, I contacted my hosting company and had them try and resolve the issue and this was the response:

I have replicated the issue and was unable to save the new code as well. I have disabled the caching solutions entirely, but the issue still persists. I have tried different versions of PHP service. Please note that there is no error recorded in the server’s logs and the browser’s console is not reporting any blocked request. This is a feature related to the theme that you are using so I would advise you to disable all plugins and to try to save the new code again. If the issue still persists, then it is not related to a conflict created by a plugin and you should contact the theme’s developers, because it seems that the functionality is not compatible with the latest version of the application and they should be able to troubleshoot the bug of their product.

Should you need further assistance, let us know.

Please help me resolve this issue…

Hello Scott,

I have just installed that plugin on my localhost Sydney Pro install and it didn’t work as it should as well.

Then I activated default Twenty Seventeen theme and it still didn’t work.

After that I deactivated all plugins except TC Custom JavaScript and it worked.

Then I activated Sydney Pro and its recommended plugins that I mentioned in my post above and it still worked.

Well, when I activated all plugins TC Custom JavaScript stopped working. I didn’t try to find conflicting plugin because I have many of them installed.

So I think that it’s not a theme issue, it looks like some sort of plugin conflict. Can you please try to repeat the steps above and see if the behavior is the same?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I followed the steps and when I activated theme twentyseven theme and deactivated all plugins but TC Custom Javascript and entered the script it did not work after updating. The plugin support sent me a hot fix plugin which cleaned the TC Custom Javascript but reverted back to original script when I updated it. I Need Help Here…

Hello Scott,

Please try to use another plugin, for example Insert Headers and Footers:

This plugin always worked for me just like it should.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Any other suggestions for a plugin? This one has some terrible reviews. I tried another plugin but can’t remember and it did not seem to work but I may not have used it correctly. Can you given me other plugin suggestions?

Is there something in the code that directs to the original script?

I used the headers and footers plugin, input the code and updated it and the original 1st script appears like clockwork. I deleted part of the code and updated OK. I put back in the code you gave me and it reverts back to the original script. Is there some other code you can give me? The latest code seems to trigger something and don’t know what it is. Please look into the last code you sent me. This is the code I am having all the problems with. I have since been able to clear out the scripts on the new plugin. This is something I could not do with TC Custom Javascript. Please look into the code.

Getting back to the original reason the code was inputted was that I had double phone numbers in the header on chrome browser. The code before that deactivated any way to click to call or click to email. This is the code that it defaults too when I update the newest script so I have no click to anything anymore.

Hello Scott,

I’m not sure what code you are referring to. Let’s try to start over. Please create a new topic and describe the issue that you are trying to solve.

Kind Regards, Roman.