Tasty Demo import error, so can't add menu_items for food menu

when I try to import the Tasty Restaurant Demo throughout One click Demo import pugin I have an Error (200), I have tried by manual import, but a lot of categories and entries can’t be imported.
This made that I can’t find where to add menu items to the Tasty Food menu widget in my wordpress admin page.

Thanks for your attention and regards


Hello there,

Not sure if theme’s code causing you 200 error. Maybe web server security configuration prevents you doing automatic import and displaying you 200 error message. Please talk to your hosting support department.

I’d recommend start over your site from the beginning with the WordPress Reset plugin. But please be advised. Before doing importing please go to Appearance > Install Plugins; then install and activate all recommended plugins.


Hello kharisblank and thank you for your comment.
I have reset my site with WordPress Reset plugin, and re-activated Sydneypro theme, Tasty child theme, and all the required plugins. Then I have gone to One Click Demo Import and I got an Error 200 (ok) message again.
After that I have tried with the Wordpress Importer in the Tools section, manual uploading demo-content.xml file, and through this plugin I got all the media files, Events and some entries imported, but failed importing Tasty menus like ‘nova_menu’ and ‘nova_menu_item’ items, and showed messages with 'importing failed because of… incorrect item… or incorrect format… etc.
Would you figure why is this happening?


I have the same issue. Maybe some missing plugin?

Resolved. JetPack must be installed, activated and “configured” with a valid “Wordpress.com” account.