Talon Pro License for Lifetime member


I’m a lifetime member, can I use Talon Pro? Which license number can I use for Talon Pro? Or I have to buy a new one? Thank you!


Sure, you can find Talon Pro and your license key if you go to My Account.
You don’t have to buy it.

Hi Vlad. Thanks for your reply. I just checked my account again, the situation is this:

I initially purchased a 1 year license,
Then I upgraded to lifetime license after 1.5 weeks of previous purchase.

Now I find the Talon Pro license is under my “1 year license”, not under the lifetime license.

Could you please help to fix this?

Thank you!

Ah yes, there’s an issue with Talon Pro licenses for people who upgraded from Developer to Lifetime bundles. We’ve asked the people from the update software to look into it but I guess they haven’t fixed it yet.

I’ll email you now a lifetime license key for Talon Pro.

Edit: I’ve sent it.