Talon-Pro Licens key

I have a live time subscription, i want to instal talon pro but i don’t find in may account the licens key.

Please Help me, Thnak you

I’ve got a active Developer Licence, and cannot find the licence either.

In advance, thank you for helping me.



Sorry about that, we were in the process of regenerating the license keys for the Lifetime and Developer packages.
For Lifetime it’s ready, for Developer it will probably take 4-5 minutes until the software finishes doing its thing :slight_smile:

thank you for the quick answer.

The Talon Pro Theme, is making me consider to change my Developer license to a Lifetime licence.

Keep up the good job.

Kind regards


Thnak you for quick answer

Hi vlad i think you have a bug in generation licens key it show my i have license only until 2017
Lifetime – Inactive 0 / Unlimited Lifetime Manage Sites No upgrades available
Talon Pro – Inactive 0 / Unlimited September 8, 2017 Manage Sites No upgrades available
Alizee Pro – Inactive 0 / Unlimited Lifetime Manage Sites No upgrades available

Thank you

I’ll look into it in a bit and let you know. Thanks.

It appears to be just a display glitch. We’ll see about correcting it. Your license if lifetime for all products.

Does it show up now?

Thank you,



no, it don’t show up yet



Seems that your license key hasn’t been generated because you’re on the upgrade path. Email me please at vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll send you a license key until we sort this out.

Hi i am a lifetime customer but i want to instal talon pro but i don’t find it in may account Talon pro and the licens key.
Please thank you.


Go to My account-> Purchase History and view licenses an ther you will find the key

thank you for answer but there is no license their you can check it

and this is the image link from my account you can see my account link


Your license key shows up in the backend. If you could please take another screenshot and link the image properly so I can see.

Meanwhile, I’ve emailed you your license key.

Thank you Vald but can you help me to check my account in atheme i think my account has a problem i don’t have any license there it just show the demo that i i’v downloaded.
pleas thank you

my account link

Yeap, I’ve replied to your email :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad i try to use snaggy but it doesn’t like to past the screen shot but i copy this link from my website you can try this one i hope it will work thank you Vlad. http://www.saxirlo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/ser.png


in my license still show me the license key expires in 8 sept 2017.

bug lincens

Thnak you