Talon Pro Contact Popup


I can’t seem to get the contact pop to fit within the screen. It doesn’t show the full pop on pc or mobile. please advise


Can you post a link to your site please?

Site is: http://jademedia.co.za/

Make sure you use the updated version of the theme. You should have a notice to update if you’ve activated your license.

Though on desktops I see no issue, could you show me a screenshot please?

It is the latest version

I can’t paste a screen shot on here. on my side it only shows the contact form and map. the number, email and address with the icons, is hidden

You can use https://snag.gy/ for the screenshot
In what browser are you checking? Have you refreshed your page/cleared the cache after you’ve updated?

The refresh has fixed the mobile view, thank you.

Desktop, Chrome and screenshot is here: https://snag.gy/mnPqC0.jpg

What Chrome version are you running?
This is what I see on your site in Chrome: https://snag.gy/j6IQ9N.jpg

Oh thank you, that is perfect. Thank you. As long as it is viewed properly on others. Could just be my lap top. Chrome version is: 53.0.2785.143

Okay, cool. I’ll test myself on a different laptop and let you know in case it’s not showing properly.