Talon portfolio : Overlay and mobile issue

Hello everybody,

I have some questions about “talon portfolio”.

  • I use it on the “style 2” hover effect. On this style, there is an overlay on the picture. I would like to change the color of this overlay.

  • When you use the website on mobile, the picture of the portfolio doesn’t display properly, there is some margin as you can see on my screenshot… Could you help to remove it?

Thank you a lot for you help. Seb :slight_smile:


That was not an overlay. But that was a background color of the box. To remove it, you can set the box background to transparent:

.portfolio-section.style2 .portfolio-item > a:before {
    background-color: transparent;

Hello Awan,

Thank you very much for the background-color, it works well :slight_smile:

Somebody has an idea about the margin on mobile ?

Thank you, bye bye :slight_smile: Seb