Talon: Portfolio: Featured: font size in side bar

I have spent an hours searching and trying edits and css and I can’t seem to change the font size in the sidebar of the widget. I know I need shorter project names but especially the “Featured” products are simply too large a font. CSS for controlling sidebar widget font size? I am not talking about the title. I need the popup name to be smaller. Thank for your help. J


Hi there,

You can use this CSS code to resize the font size of the popup name which you’ve mentioned in above:

.portfolio-section.style4 .portfolio-item h4 a {
    font-size: 10px;


Hey Awan.

 Thanks for your help.  I tried similar codes but just didn't have the name right.  I need to learn more about CSS.  I am compiling a list of what you have taught me so far with your help and help with other users.  I really appreciate you (and on a Saturday too!).  J