Talon page scroll

Hi, I searched for a solution on the forum but could not find it, so now this post. Apologies if I overlooked the answer should it already be on the forum.

I use Talon (and I like it by the way). My top menu links (both custom and standard) do not scroll to the linked page: the screen stays filled with the slider. Then I put an anchor in my homepage, and now that link scrolls to the title of my homepage and is okay.

However, any other links in the menu to anchors on other pages scroll to halfway each page. The scroll goes past the title and it does not look goed. How can I achieve the same scroll as with my home page? The URL is https://www.stretchperformance.nl


Hello there,

Try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .entry-content > #kenje,
    .entry-content > #contact,
    .entry-content > #evenspiegelen {
      margin-top: -100px;
      padding-top: 100px;

and see if it fixes the issue.