Talon Customizer Issue (Primary color & Menu items)

Hi, I’m using the latest Talon (v1.04) theme. It seems that when I’m using the Customizer to change the “Primary color” or “Menu items”, there are some lagging issue during Live Preview.

After I’ve looked at the codes within customizer.php, both Controls (primary_color, menu_items_color) didn’t use the ‘transport’ => ‘postMessage’ option. Is there a way to set both Controls to ‘postMessage’ instead of ‘refresh’ using my Child Theme?

Or perhaps there’s some patch that you can provide to achieve this.



You can change them to postMessage, see the beginning of the customizer.php file how transport is set for blogname and blogdescription.
But doing that will stop them from showing any changes until you save and leave the Customizer.
postMessage needs also some JS to work.