Taking name line off with code

My Title has a default line attached to it and im not sure why I want to learn how to take it off from the system completely. I also recently started using child theme and im not sure if I should change the code in those files or the parent files. Id assume the parent files because its not blank like child theme or at least I must put some other code to link the child with the parent

screenshot of line I want removed


Please post a link to your website, the screenshot is not appearing on the link you have posted. The code you want to modify you have to modify in Child Theme, in order to save it from updates, if you modify the Parent Theme’s files, then the Child Theme doesn’t have sense, so if you want to modify a bit of code you have to take it from Parent Theme and put it in Child Theme and modify it there.

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The image is here http://postimg.org/image/4yjqb42th/2a3b5561/

How much of the code do I put in child theme to make it work? Just what I want to change?

I was trying to take off the create your menu option so I could put separate hyperlinks with

// echo ‘’ . __( ‘Create your menu here’, ‘sydney’ ) . ‘’;

but it didnt work. I put it in child theme funtion.php

something I did wrong?