Tag - Site name in primary language doesn´t appear


I am using SydneyChild theme. I have created a multilingual site, in 4 languages.

When I open the page (preview in wordpress) in my primary language, only the image is visible but there is no site name. This happens only on my primary language, in other languages, the site name is visible.

Thank you & Best regards

Are you referring to the site name that appears in the main header area? Would you mind sharing your site link here?


When I open the internet browser, to preview my site on my localhost (the site is still under construction and is not online), then there is no text in the browser Tag for the site in my primary language. In other languages in browser Tag, there is text, for every page.

To help check if there’s improper configuration with the multilingual plugin you have, try temporarily disable it and run your test.


Thank you Kharis.

I disabled the Polylang plugin and it worked. Than I activated the plugin back and the problem occurred again. So I deleted the Polylang plugin and installed it back again. I had to connect my pages back again , according to specific translations, and made the String translations, but now everything is working.

I think that this is enough for this year :wink:

Kharis, and to all the good people, I wish you a Happy New Year, let it be healthy and wealthy.

Thank you & Best regards.

Blaž R.