As mentioned in documentation, where are the “services” “employee” etc tabs? I do not see any of these in my menu bar.


figured it out. Wow! Very vague. I would recommend making it more obvious we need to download the xml file. It took me over an hour to figure that out, and I almost gave up.

For anyone reading this, you HAVE to download a separate file and import it to theme through Types to make anything work.


Sorry it took you so long. But it is written in the documentation that you need to download that file. We could have taken the easier route and code Services and the other custom post types in the theme itself, but at some point you would have changed themes and you would wonder where are your posts.

But you might have a point, perhaps we should rewrite the documentation a bit and make it like a list of steps to follow or something.


Where would I find that file and what is it called? It has been driving me nuts for the past hours!!!


You can find it in the documentation in chapter 1. Quick start guide


Thank you. Now when I try to upload the file it is not working I am getting the following errors.

Error parsing XML
Start tag expected, ‘<’ not found
Data not valid


I responded to your email.

I’m gonna go ahead and paste a quote from the documentation here:

All you need to do is go to this file, right-click and save it as xml, then go to Types > Import/Export and import the file.

I’m sure it can’t get any more obvious than this :slight_smile:


I agree with Ty Parker that the Documentation page could be much better with some screen shots to go alone with it since this can be very convoluted for those of us not extremely used to different themes.

At any rate, I can’t see the Tabs either because I can even get the xml file.

The link given for the xml is no file at all, I keep getting this instead “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

I’ve tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome with the same results from the link given for the xml.
Need some help. Thanks


One suggestion on the Documentaion; just saying something like “the Service, Projects, etc. Tabs are only available when you download the xml file and import it into Types.”



But the documentation does say that:

Right-click this xml file and save it somewhere on your computer, then go to Types > Import/Export and import the file. This step is needed if you intend to use the Services, Testimonials, Clients and Employees blocks.

You just need to right click the actual screen and save as xml. The code you see spread on that page is the settings file. If you can’t figure it out, make an admin account for me and send it at vlad[at] and I’ll import it for you.


I feel kinda foolish, but the wording is confusing. You have to right click on the link (orange lettering) and the selected (on a mac) “Save Link As”

I clicked on the link, the new page opened and then tried right-clicking on the new page, which does nothing. The wording makes it sound like after you click on the link, there will be a xml file on the page that you will right-click and download.

At least, that was my initial interpretation. Anyway, love the theme! And thanks for your help!