Tablet/mobile menu mess

Hi guys

I’m about to finish the website and I ran into a problem with tablet/mobile menu, it’s a total mess! I’m very confused because it looks different in Customizer, Elementor and on actual devices. I’m gonna attach some screenshots with custom css that I used to help you understand what I mean.
I’m desperate for help, because if I adjust it perfectly in Customizer and then I open the page on my iPad, it looks totally different so it’s like blind guessing all the time.
Besides there is something wrong with the home page. On iPhone and iPa it behaves weird: first second the menu overlaps the header slider but a second later the slider just drops down to its place. When I scroll down the page, the menu moves down again. I can’t really explain what happens.
Another thing. On the iPad the menu button shows up on the home page only and missing on other pages…

Obviously I’ve done something wrong. Could anybody please take a look at the website on different devices and help me out? :tired_face:


Please create a separate topic for each of your current issues to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.