Tab widget's tabs closed in mobile view?

In Elementor the tabs of the Tab Widget are open by default in both desktop and mobile view. However, I would like to have the tabs closed by default in the mobile view (but open in desktop). Since I need the overview for mobile devices.

Is it possible to do this by adding extra CSS? Or is there any other solution? I found this script that works fine to get the tabs closed by default, but it closes on all devices. They solve it with and extra piece of code. But just like guy wonders in this link, I also wonder HOW do I put these two scripts together?

Best regards!

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into issues. However, it seems likely a specific issue with Elementor CSS and there is nothing to do with the theme.

Can you try temporarily switching to one of default WordPress themes like Twenty Twenty and let me whether it remains the same or not?

aThemes Support