Tab: SERVICE. How to put a link on an image?

And thank you for other fast replays!

I want to know to insert an link on a “featured image” on TAB SERVICE.

I saw the option:
Service link
If you want you can link your service to a page of your choice by entering the URL in this field

I insert my html but does not work.

My site is:

Could you please help?

Thank you!

I just checking your site and looks like you are not using themes from aThemes.

Im using Sydney Theme.
Did you really see the correct site?

Yes, I am visiting this site and its using “antarctica sailing” theme

Sorry Awan,
But I think you are COMPLETELY wrong.
There is nowhere our planet a template called “antarctica sailing.” That’s the name of my site.
Honestly its not because they do not want to help me.
If you know not solve the problem just talk.
You do not have to make excuses.

Hi Mistralis,

My apoligies, we do here to help our customer to setting up their themes, fixing bugs and help them to made small modification of the theme which they used and we have a commitment to help them with our best solutions.

I’v visit the URL of your site in above and the layout of the site is like this then I check the theme identity of your site and I got this

We do know how the HTML structure of our themes, I noticed that the HTML structure of your site is doesn’t come from our theme

Please let me know if I missing something :slight_smile:

Best regards,

My sincerest apologies Awan.
When I wrote my url made a huge mess.
The real is

Really sorry for that!


Thank you for coming back to me with the correct URL.
As default, the link of the service items is applied on the service item title only. If you want the link applied to the feature image also, its better if you working with a child theme. Please follow the steps below:

  1. create a child theme
  2. duplicate “widgets/fp-service-type-a.php” from the parent theme to the child theme
  3. open “fp-service-type-a.php” then add this line:
<?php if ($link) : ?>
	<a href="<?php echo esc_url($link); ?>">
<?php endif; ?>

below this line:
<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) : ?>

Add this line also:
<?php if ($link) : ?></a><?php endif; ?>
in above this line:
<?php elseif ($icon) : ?>

  1. open "functions.php in your child theme and add this line:
if ( function_exists('siteorigin_panels_activate') ) {
  require_once get_template_directory() . "-child/widgets/fp-service-type-a.php";
  1. Activate your child theme and you will got an error
  2. To fix the error, please open “functions.php” in your parent theme and change this line:
    require get_template_directory() . “/widgets/fp-service-type-a.php”;
    // require get_template_directory() . “/widgets/fp-service-type-a.php”;