Tab in dashboard


I’m pretty new to wordpress and I just start to work with your theme. It helps me a lot. But I have a problem, I don’t see any of the tab in the dashboard, like the ‘client’ or ‘projects’…

How do I make them appear?

Thanks for your help!


See the quick start guide on the documentation page please:


Thanks for the quick response. And indeed it was my bad, sorry.

I have two other questions,

  1. Is it possible to resize a video in the project row? I have several link from Vimeo in it and when I zoom in, it does not grown enough.

  2. Where do I change the title of the projects row? I tried to change it in the edit mode, but it doesn’t work. I wanted to show ‘Mes projets’ instead of ‘Nos projets’.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english.
And again, it’s a really great theme!


  1. If you’re referring to the lightbox mode, no, it’s not possible. The script we’re using is doing the sizing.
  2. From the page builder, you click on Edit so the widget open up and you add the title in the title field. Is that where you tried and didn’t work?

Okay, it works. I may have done something wrong. Thanks for the help Vlad!