Syndey employee picture size problem

I believe I caused a problem for myself with a resizing plugin to optimize my photos… I thought I undid the damage and I’ve re-uploaded the photos, also have disabled all new plugins.

Here’s an unused page of mine that showcases the problem:

The pictures used to be full size, but now they’re all cut in half. I’ve tried googling to fix the problem with CSS but haven’t had any luck.

Hello there,

To avoid image scaling, your original image should be less than 550px x 400px. Before uploading, resize your image manually with image editor program like Photoshop.


Thank you! I resized it with wordpress and after it didn’t work, I was discouraged… but re-uploading them and it worked great. :slight_smile: Thank you for your help! It sounds like that plugin really did a number on my employee widget.