Sydney Widgets on several languages

Hello guys,

I need to have my website on three languages and it should not only apply to Blog post. With blog posts the situation is clear, I use Polylang.

But the widgets Services, Projects, Testimonials, Team and Facts are still in English only.

Please advise how to make all my website in several languages not only blog posts.

Thanks in advance!


Please check this page:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Many thanks for help! It works for everything except for button ‘SEE ALL OUR NEWS’ in the News section.It still in English on all of my pages. Can you please explain how to translate it as well?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Julie,

I tried to replicate your issue on my localhost. I added one more Latest News widget right below first one and selected one language for first widget and other language for second widget in The widget is displayed for: drop-down list (please see screenshot below). However, after I save the page that drop-down resets to The widget is displayed for: All languages, and both widgets appear.

So, can you please try if that functionality works for you? If not, you can contact Polylang support here in order to report this issue.

Here is the link to larger image:

Kind Regards, Roman.