Sydney Widgets Missing

All of the Sydney Theme Widgets are missing in my Worpress widgets menu and also in the customize menu when trying add widget to footer.

I FTP to the Themes folder and can see all the widgets there but they just do not display. I deleted the Theme and reinstalled it and the widgets still will not show.

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for inconvenience. It’s a rare trouble, though. Could you please grant me to access your site admin area, so I could troubleshoot it easily? You can send the login credentials to and enclose the link to this thread, please.


I am having this exact same issue.

I believe I Installed all the plugins required.

And I can see the widgets when I FTP into the site.

However - The widgets do not show up on the Widgets Menu.

What is the fix for this?

Thanks Mike

Just install the Page Builder Plugin as well as the widgets and it should work.

Hello Mike,

I am sorry to hear you’ve run into issue. Please grant me to access your site admin area. I’d like to inspect the trouble directly over there. For security reason, please send the user name and password to your site’s admin (/wp-admin) to


I’m having this exact same issue. I e-mailed the address above with access info, but haven’t heard back yet.

SiteOrigin Widgets are missing. For example on the home page the Services widget was being used. Now it says Missing Widget. What happened?


Update: SiteOrigin widgets are available, it’s Sydney FP Widgets that are missing.

I have the same problem. All the widgets of the Sydney theme are missing.
there is a solution?

Is it caused by Page Builder updates?


I have the same problem. All Sydney FP widgets disappeared, and it just says “Missing Widget”. Can’t find them in the widgets list either.

It might have happened as I was installing the widget Team Members, but I am not sure.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or is there anything you can do to help me?

Best Regards,


Yeah, this seems to be widespread, same here.

Hi Kharis,

I have exactly the same issue after updating Sydney theme to the latest version.
I gave you my login credentials Kharis to my website.

How long are we suppose to have a messed up website??? This is ridiculous

Same problem. In page builder when I go to add a new widget and click “Sydney Theme Widgets” the Sydney Themes widgets are missing yet when I FTP to the server I can see that the .php files are installed in the plugins/sydney-toolbox/inc folder. The widgets were working yesterday and I installed another plugin and then they disappeared. I tried uninstalling all plugins and sydney theme and reinstalling and reactivating only the sydney theme, page builder by SiteOrigin, and sydney toolbox but the widgets are still missing. I also tried a fresh install of wordpress and created a new database to try just installing sydney and the two plugins to see if I could get the widgets to show up but again, they were missing.

Found a temporary solution. The problem seems to be with the new version of SiteOrigin. Download WP Rollback and rollback to the previous version. This is now displaying the Sydney Widgets for me. Hopefully a permanent fix comes soon.

Same problem, ALL sydney widgets are now ‘missing’. I did the rollback but it has not worked for me.

any other ideas?

I just did the roll back again but back 2 versions of page builder site orgin 2.4.24 version.
THen it worked!

I just rolled back as well and it worked. Seems to be a Site Origin issue indeed

I did the same as suggested and installed Rollback plugin and reinstalled previous two site origin plugins below and fixed the problem.
Page Builder By SiteOrigin
Siteorigin Widget Bundle

The Sydney Themes widgets all showed up again.

Only thing now is that I have two Plugins looking to get updated, but better that than seeing what a mess
that the missing widgets left my site in.

Is there going to be a Fix for this anyone

Thanks to Mohammed I think that suggested this, your a life saver, thought I would be spending the night on this