Sydney widgets dont appear on the menu

Hi! I am currently using the Sydney theme (not Pro) for a company called The Panacea ( whose website is still under construction. the thing is, everything was working very well until suddenly I cannot see the widget (I mean “Testimonials”, “Latest news”, “Clients”, “employees”, etc.) on the main menu where appear: “dashboard”, “posts”, “media”, “pages” “appearance”, etc. SO any idea about what this is happening?
Thank you very much in advance.


You probably deactivated the Types plugin?
And those are not widgets, those are custom post types. The widgets are those coded in the theme which pull the data from the custom post types :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for the fast answer!I was checking and you are right, I installed again and everything returned!
Thanks again!

Great. After you’re done with adding services and stuff you can deactivate it again.

I am having that same issue. However, I checked the plugin, and it’s currently “activated”. Any other reasons this may happen?

So you had the Services and everything and now you don’t have them anymore? Or you never had them?

When I first set up the site, I saw the services menu on the left side of the wp dashboard. I set up services and continued building the site. Once I got the layout going, I went to edit and add more services but that menu is not there anymore.

Well, if you’re sure it’s still active than you might have deleted all the settings you imported. So please check again if the plugin is active and re-import the settings file if Types is active.

Got it! Thanks for your quick response!

I have same problem. Types is active, but can’t find those custom post types on left side menu? I try to deactive and then active, then I reinstall Types plugin. After reinstallation this “Types” appears on left side menu, but those services, employees etc are still missing.

hello! i am having the same issue as Kimi Siitari. Would love some direction on how to move forward. I do not recall having seen these options in the side bar ever, only “types”


I am having the same problem - could we get some help please

Same problem here. These options never appered only types. Types plugin is active.

Hello, I upgraded to sidney pro After building my food menu pages with bistro. I followed the instructions and now my food menu items are missing it says (missing bistro menu B widget).

How can I import the bistro menu widgets to work on sydney pro?

Even if I start fresh, the Bistro Menu Widgets are not available to create your food menus. I am confused!

How can I just import those widgets to add to my site?

Thank you!



The Sydney FP: Latest News - B widget does not pull any of my recent blog post data. Any help will be much appreciate thanks.

Thank you


Did anybody figure out about the custom post types? I created services but after I upgraded to Sydney Pro I can’t find the menu and I’m beginning to wonder if I ever saw it in the first place. LOL I can’t access the services I created as they are now listed as slug. I deleted and installed and activated the plug ins but still nothing. Help please?