Sydney widgets are not shown at all on mobile device

Hello there!

My front page is built with siteorigin pagebuilder: all widgets are shown properly on mobile devices except sydney widgets as services type a and b, testimonials, list and skills. those widgets are not shown at all on mobile devices.

Any idea I could settle this problem?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hello there,

Please share your page link with us so we can inspect this on your end. Also, tell us on which device are you experiencing this?

All the Best!

Hello dimikjones,

sorry for the inconvenience, I forgot the link, here it is:

> does not work neither on iphone, windows phone nor on samsung. other mobile devices I was not able to test.

Thank you very much for your assistance!


Hello again Beate,

As I can see nothing is showing on mobile, at least not what should be showing. This is because of one of your plugins, I think that it is one of jetpack modules. Anyway, disable all your additional plugins one by one and test your site every time. Start with jetpack.

All the Best!

Hello dimikjones,

wow, thank you very much, indeed, the mobile function of jetpack is responsible for the mess. You saved my life. Thank you! Beate

You’re welcome Beate,