Sydney: Widget spacing

Hi there,

I have found a few answers for other themes, but not in the Sydney forum. Given I’ve had to reset my site a few times in the last week, I thought I would just ask here.

Can you help me reduce the vertical space between widgets on my site?




There are several thread that is similar with your issue:

can you tell me more specific, which section that you want to decrease the gaps between widgets?

Thank you Awan.

  1. I would like to reduce the space for the bottom widget (which appears on four of my five pages) - so changing the space on four pages. It is labelled ‘Supporters’ on my site, but it is actually the Sydney Clients widget. See

  2. Reduce the space between ‘Search stories’ and ‘Supporters’, see

  3. Reduce the space between ‘About the project’ and ‘About the author’, see

  4. Reduce the space between ‘Share your story’ and ‘Get in touch’, see

Thank you.



Here is the css code you need to reduce the space between widget (1-4):

#pg-354-5 .panel-row-style, #pl-445 .panel-row-style, #pg-457-1 .panel-row-style, #pg-401-1 .panel-row-style {
    padding: 0 !important;


Many thanks!

Hi there,

Unfortunately the code you supplied is now only working for the front page…

The ‘About’, ‘Search’ and ‘Contact’ pages do not have reduced spacing for the bottom widget (which is the Sydney Clients widget renamed to ‘Supporters’.

Thanks for your help.


Hi I want to reduce the spacing between widgets on my website, I have reduced the padding to 0 but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Kindly assist.


Hi @ed_k, your site is empty.

Hi @Awan, sorry, moved the site to

Hi @ed_k, can you tell me which widgets on the page that you want to reduce?