Sydney v1.47 + Elementor 'Fixed' background parallax not working

I’m a bit late to this but has anyone else seen an issue with Sydney theme v1.47 and the parallax setting in Elementor?
I have Elementor Sections with the background images setting “Attachment = Fixed” this produces the parallax effect on desktop displays until the Sydney theme update to v1.47 is applied and now the images ‘scroll’ despite the setting.
I have switched between Elementor v2.1.1 and previous versions but the problem follows the theme.
The site is -currently on Sydney v1.45 so parallax is working.

I have now updated the Sydney theme to v1.47. And the parallax is no longer working on the page;
The images behind the page title “Divers Inn Steak House” and the other section titles “Drinks”, “Food’” all have the ‘fixed’ parallax effect with Sydney theme v1.45 but not with this current v1.47.
Has anyone else seen this conflict with Elementor?


I have just noticed the problem is browser specific - with Sydney theme v1.47 there is no parallax affect in Firefox but there is in Chrome and Opera.

Hello there,

It looks like Elementor’s fixed background image doesn’t work on Firefox. The solution for this might be


Thanks Kharis
In my experience Elementor’s ‘Fixed’ background does work in Firefox with other themes I use and did work in Firefox with Sydney theme v1.46 but does not work in Firefox with Sydney theme v1.47.
Anyway, thanks for the link.

Hello there,

We’ve added this issue to the list of future update. There would be a permanent fix in the future version. Please be patience.


thanks for the update

You’re always welcome here!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.


Hi Kharis + A Themes
Thanks for getting the version of Sydney out so quickly.
v1.48 now has working Elementor parallax/fixed images in Firefox

Thanks again

You’re welcome Simon!

Thank you @vlad (our lead developer) for the excellent work!