Sydney update to 1.15 breaks my website

Hey Gang,
I have made quite a few changes to my child theme. When I attempted to update to the latest and greatest version of Sydney, My customizer got wiped out and the website just hangs on the preloader bouncing balls, with a white background and part of one of my slider image titles truncated at the top of the screen.

I tried to re-customize the images and logo that were wiped out to no avail. I had to restore the site to 1.12 in order to fix. I could not for the life of me figure out what had happened.

If anyone has any idea, please let me know. I would change it back for you to see, but my client would not be very pleased with me if it did :smiley:

The site is

Thanks in Advance!


Well, we cannot help if we don’t see it because, obviously, this doesn’t happen in general :slight_smile:

What you first need to do is remove all CSS from your child theme and keep only the one you modified/added. I see you copied the whole stylesheet there.

Thank you for your quick response Vlad!

I have updated my child css and only included the changes that I had made and tested it on 1.12. Then I updated to the latest version of Sydney and I am experiencing the same issue as before.

Any chance you could take a look again?

Thanks in Advance,

Unfortunately, I can’t have the site down for this long. Will have to change it back to 1.12 again. Maybe I’ll add it to a test environment for testing and see if I could figure out what is going on myself. :smiley: