Sydney Types

HI, when i download the Sydney types settings from your website its downloaded as a folder and not an .xml file so i can’t use it in my website. Im pretty new to wordpress so any help would be great thanks.

Hello there,

File have to be imported trough Types > Dashboard > Import/Export.

Regarding file download, different browsers especially Safari on Mac can handle this file differently so try to download it with some other browser.

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Hi, thanks for the reply but i have tried downloading the file through Chrome, Firefox and Opera on my mac and they all download it as a zip file and i have also tried using internet explorer on windows and that still doesn’t work. Hopefully there is a solution to this.

Hello again,

Then there is some software on your PC that is downloading it as archive. Try to unpack archive to see if settings file is inside.

Also, I have prepared both .xml and .zip files in my dropbox so try to download from there:

If it still wont work, you will have to troubleshoot this further on your device.

All the Best!

Hi, thanks for the amazingly quick reply. You have saved the day with Dropbox. Thank you so much for all the help, its now working. ?

You’re welcome :slight_smile: ,

And thank you for using our theme.

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