Sydney toolbox widgets disappeared

Hi there,

It looks like my Sydney toolbox widgets disappeared all at once wheteher on the page, footer and sidebar. I am getting a “missing widget” error message on the page back end just like this:

This is a major issue as I am largely using these widgets over my website.

Thanks for helping with this.

Same for me too…Missing Widgets basically takes out my Services section… It was working this afternoon at around 5pm for sure but I just logged in to do some more site admin stuff and tweak some things and now I’m having the missing widgets problem.

I have the same situation here too

I’m having the same issue as well. Please assist.

I have the same problem all the Sydney Page Builder Widgets disappeared when I upgraded SiteOrigin Page Builder to v2.5.
I was able to restore a recent backup but we are in the middle of a process that is highly dependent on those widgets being available - they are essentially running the front page.

I saw in another thread it is considered a “known problem” please advise when a fix is expected.



Currently working away on my site and updated Wordpress to v2.5.

Now I dont have a website, all of my content is missing and all of my widgets.

Please help. Was actually about to go live by end of the week… Hope there is a resolution prior!

Please reply soon.

same here, after updating the page builder to 2.5.0, Page Builder displaying text 1 letter/line and no pictures.I delete the cached data from chrome,and it does back to the normal,but there is another issues come in, which is the sydney widget tools missing.
Hope this problems can fix soon…

Hello, I do have the same problem.

However, I did restore back wordpress to its “factory settings” and the page builder by site origin did not go back to its previous version.

Even after I deleted everything the sydney widgets are missing.

Is there a way to get them back?

Kind Regards.

Same problem…please fix as my entire front page content is now gone.

Hello Guys,

I did some research and have solved the issue. I got the widgets back and my site is running normal.

I did rollback SiteOrigin Page Builder to the last version with the WP Rollback plugin. Once installed find SiteOrigin page Builder at “WP Admin” -> “Plugins” -> “Installed Plugins” and Click Rollback.

That will do the trick.

I hope this helps you all.


Just to let everyone know, Mohammed on another thread had the answer. This is his post:

Hey Stuart,
I was suffering from the same issue and after hours of research and stress, I found a solution. You’re right about Siteorigin being the issue. What you’ll want to do is download WP Rollback. Once you’ve downloaded it, you should see a button titled “Rollback” next to each plugin on your plugins page. Go to your SiteOrigin plugin and roll it back to the previous version. It’s that easy. There are 2 Siteorigin plugins that I had and I’m assuming you have them as well. I rolled back both of them. The plugin names are below:
Page Builder By SiteOrigin
Siteorigin Widget Bundle

I hope this helps you because this resolved the issue for me. In fact, I created this account just to help you out.
Have a nice day!
Also, check out my website, thanks!

I also had same issue this morning and it was due to the new updates of siteorigin plugin. Later I uploaded old version of SiteOrigin and now it works perfectly.

Rolling back Plugins is only a temp fix though…unless the issue is fixed properly it’ll happen again next time the SiteOrigin plugins are updated (this is a SiteOrigin problen not an AThemes problem I think). When you invest time and effort into building a site you don’t need to be fretting about when its going to break again.

Hello @swearbox,

Please check this topic:

Please remember about importance of regular full site backups (files and database):

Also you might want to check this tutorial:

I think that with backups and staging site you should be confident enough to update things.

Kind Regards, Roman.