Sydney Toolbox Translating not working

I’ve created a translation for Sydney Toolbox, but does not work.
I uploaded translation into:
sydney-toolbox / languages / ( & .po )
I also tried File Name “” ( & .po )

wp-content / languages / plugins / ( & .po )

Can you advise me how to fix it? Thank you


We’ll have a look and if there’s something wrong we’ll correct it in the next update. It’s only backend though so if you actually want to change the slugs (employees, services etc) from the URLs let me know please.

i found the bug. The language file must be written with a _ , not a - .
So the textdomain is written in the widget-files.
Please change the sydney-toolbox.pot filename to sydney_toolbox.pot.

Have fun.

I forgot: The textdomain must also be corrected to sydney_toolbox in the sydney-toolbox.php file, line 79:

function i18n() {
	load_plugin_textdomain( 'sydney_toolbox', false, 'sydney-toolbox/languages/' );

Translation is already on
After updating translation on the page does not work.