Sydney Toolbox Plugin Version 1.05 not working

I have been using the Sydney Theme for a long time and it has been working great until today when I looked and one of my website was down. This the message that I was getting on the screen.

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home1/afia/public_html/ on line 103

I called my hosting company and they told me that the Sydney Toolbox plugin is causing the problem. They helped me disabled the plugin because I was unable to login to the back end of the website from my side.

After fixing the problem we activated all the plugins back except the Sydney Toolbox because it still gives me the same message at the back-end of the website.

Because of the plugin is causing error and being deactivated the front page of the website has messed up. All the text and images have moved to one side and some images are not even showing on the page. Here is the link to the website

Please see attached screenshot of the Front page and how all the images are on one side or have disappeared.

Can you please help me ASAP?

I’m using Sydney Toolbox Plugin Version 1.05
WordPress 4.9.7.

Thank you,

Alright, I have been battling this issue all morning and finally found a solution after hours of trying to get it situated. I’m not sure how you run your website, but I do it off an AWS EC2 instance using the Linux AMI which I can SSH into and configure myself. If you run it through a 3rd party hosting company and cannot SSH into your server, contact the hosting company and ask them to upgrade your php version to >5.6. This might require your MySQL version (the database wordpress runs on) to be upgraded as well, but you should not lose any information, assuming they do the back up correctly.

The summary of the issue is that the new update for the toolbox requires a newer version of PHP. Older versions of PHP do not support the syntax that was causing the error. The moment I went through and upgraded everything, I was able to get the plugin working.

I hope this helps to anyone who is having this issue!

Thank you so much adeardorff. I checked with my hosting company and the website has a php version to >5.6.
The Sydney Toolbox is still inactive. I get a message in the back-end of the website saying that,
“The following recommended plugin is currently inactive: Sydney Toolbox - custom posts and fields for the Sydney theme. Begin activating plugin | Dismiss this notice.”

I try to activate it and I receive the following message
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home1/afia/public_html/ on line 103

I’m not sure what the problem is

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done. Somehow the website seems to look fine now but I don’t know what the repercussion would be if the Sydney Toolbox is not activated.

Thank you,

The parse error is from a syntax discrepancy between php versions. I would also check with your hosting company and ensure the latest version of apache (>2.4) is running on the server. I thought I was using PHP 5.6, but it turned out I was using 5.2 since my version of apache wasn’t up to date and was only compatible with PHP 5.2.

I would also ensure the theme and wordpress are fully up to date. In theory, the toolbox being activated or not shouldn’t change the layout/view of the website, it will just make things difficult on the admin side (so for you), if you want to make changes to things like services, testimonials, etc.

I would just contact your host again and pester them until they update you to the latest version of everything. The reason being is the error is directly from versioning issues. Hosting companies like to leave their users behind the 8-ball on that stuff sometimes; just the nature of it.

Yes, you are right they are running apache 2.2 on server and not 2.4. They don’t intend to update the apache version anytime soon.
Wordpress and theme are fully up to date. They are recommending to change the theme, which I don’t want to. Any other suggestions to fix this issue would be welcome. Thank you.

That is rather unfortunate to hear… it takes all of 2 minutes of downtime for them to upgrade it on your server. My recommendation is to pester them incessantly until they upgrade just your server. You are paying for the service after all.

Short of packing up your wordpress and going to another hosting company, I do not have any other suggestions. I am not primarily a PHP programmer, so hopefully someone else can chime in with a solution on how to manipulate the source code of the plugin without breaking anything. I apologize I could not be of more assistance.