Sydney Toolbox plugin update plans


One of my clients is making use of your excellent Syndey theme. Along with this theme, they have installed and enabled ‘Sydney Toolbox’ plugin. This plugin is version 1.01. It’s details report that the plugin was last updated 2 years ago and is compatible up to Wordpress version 4.5.12.

As the current version of Wordpress is 4.9.1, could you please provide details of your plans to update this plugin to bring it up to be compatible with the current version of Wordpress (4.9.1)?

We work hard to keep our clients’ Wordpress and plugin installations up-to-date and compatible with the latest versions for both functional and security reasons.

Please advise.

Thanks for your help.

Hello there,

I can confirm that the current version works well with the latest version of WordPress. The information you saw in the download page is taken from the README.txt heading that reads like this:

    === Plugin Name ===
    Contributors: athemes, vladff
    Tags: sydney, custom post types, custom fields
    Requires at least: 4.0
    Tested up to: 4.5
    Stable tag: 1.01
    License: GPLv2 or later
    License URI:

This really doesn’t relate with the core code of the plugin. For next update we’ll only change those lines. In conclusion, you’re safe using the current version.


Hi Kharis,

Thank you for providing this update. When do you plan to release an updated version of the plugin? Is the plugin currently secure?


We haven’t yet set an exact date, sorry :frowning: Sure. The plugin is still secure. Let me know if you get any trouble with it.