Sydney Toolbar Custom Post Types Reserve Slug

I am converting a client site over to WP using the Sydney theme. In order to preserve back links to the site and not have to submit new sitemaps to search engines, I’m being careful to make the slug for each page match the existing URL routes.

The original site already used the route as well as several sub pages ( When I enabled the Sydney Toolbox plugin, the custom Serices post type took over the slug I was using. Now that I have deactivated the plugin, I try to access on of the pages using the appropriate slug (/services/svc1) and it just redirects back to the home page.

Is there any way to use the same slug that was used as a custom post type so I can show the page I created instead of the post type?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello @mcraetek,

It looks like general WordPress issue. Please check this WordPress Codex page:

Kind Regards, Roman.