Sydney Theme Website LOGO Sharpness issue


I’m really overwhelmed for your support to my previous queries, I hope along with me that soltion would help others too with the similar issue.

I just have another issue with the website LOGO, If you could help me out!
I have a LOGO of size 200x43 PX which I would like to use but when I use it, it looks Blurry, image sharpness is very low. So I thought to scale it down to 100x31 px for getting sharp small title LOGO.

But when I use the 100x31 px image as a website LOGO, it doesn’t look sharp, it becomes even more blurry. You can check that here

Can you suggest me a path by which I can show only the desired sharpness I want as a website LOGO?

Thanks for your help,


Sorry for the post,
I just made it right.
No more problems

Never mind,