Sydney theme - SSL mixed content

I’m having a problem with a Mixed Content warning, which is causing an error to be generated for visitors to the site.

I have inspected the site, and identified that an image is being requested via HTTP, instead of HTTPS. I have actually removed that entire image, so it actually just results in a 301 error. However, this still has an impact on the security of the site.

Do you know how I actually identify WHAT is requesting the HTTP content? My website is

From using the Inspect tool in Chrome, I THINK the process is:

That has an error beside it in the Inspect tool, though I’m a novice at this.

Also, I disabled the Elementor plugin, and although the site then looked terrible, this particular issue did not occur. Does that mean the issue is Elementor itself?

Many thanks for any help.

Hello everyone, I managed to fix this myself. Just thought I would post how, should anyone else stumble across this.

I found a great extension called String Locator - (probably really well known amongst this community!)

I then used that to search for the location of the incorrect HTTP file. I found the URL, and deleted it from the code. This resolved the issue, and I now have a nice shiny padlock on my site!


It’s great that you managed to fix the issue! And thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.