Sydney theme services conflict with site "services"

I just switched to Sydney theme. great so far although sometimes all my links will redirect to the front page for some reason.

I used to have a “Services” tab in my menu however, after switching to the Sydney theme, the link seem to have “disappeared” or should i say it say “not found” when i click on it.

has the original page been redirected to the sydney theme’s “services” ?

what should i do ? thanks

my site


You haven’t posted your link.
Not sure if it’s really a conflict, could be that those services you were having are tied to the theme you had before. They’re not a core WordPress feature.

sorry , i thought i did.

anyway, i tried adding content at the “services” at the admin panel and it appeared on my services link. is there anyway not to use the sydney theme sevices ?

the formatting looks weird i think it’s because it’s done by the theme.

btw, is it possible to use woocommerce with sydney theme ?