Sydney Theme Questions

So I was just getting ready to launch my blog, but after beginning to do so, I noticed some issues with my Sydney theme, now I am very frustrated.

  1. I cannot figure out how to get the comments, posted date, and tags to appear right below the title of the blog posts on the homepage.

  2. Since it won’t display that ^, when I am on a mobile it looks way out of order.

  3. My theme has a low rating from Google for mobile friendly, even though it doesn’t look too bad on my mobile, other than the above issue.

4). I downloaded a few mobile friendly plugins, but they all completelly change the look of my website, so basically there was no point of me even creating the website. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

This is the website

Not sure what I did, but it does look a bit different now in regards to the title, posted date, etc. on the homepage. I am still getting that my website isn’t very mobile friendly depending on what engine I use.

Please share a link of the tool you used. Maybe there’s something I can suggest to improve it. Do you also notice the same issue with our demo site?

By the way, theme isn’t a single aspect to check for site performance improvement. Refer to this codex page, please.


Now it gives me about 63% optimization, so that is better than yesterday. I updated the sydney theme so that seemed to help some. I used

The website doesn’t look too bad now IMO, but I don’t like how the About Me/right side column (on a computer) shows up at the bottom of every single post. I would only like that to show up on the homepage when on a mobile phone, is that possible to do with coding?

Thank you.