Sydney Theme - Project Link not getting updated

Hello There,

Firstly, thank you for this wonderful theme.

I have build the projects section and using it with the Portfolio Widget on my front page. When someone clicks the features image of the project, i would like it redirected to an internal page.

This is not happening. I am setting the internal link in the Projects -> Edit -> Project Info -> Project Link Section. Everytime i set the link (lets say /mysite/projects (page) ) the link vanishes. It does not get saved.

Please help.


Hello Ankith,

It should be working by default – without any extra configuration. Please try to delete the currently active Sydney theme, but, before doing so, you need to switch to the default WordPress theme. And then install and activate the fresh one.

If it fails, please share the link to your site, so I can take a look. Make sure your site is publicly accessible.


Thank you Kharis. It worked. Seems to have been an issue with the version of the theme. I have the latest one now and it works like a charm.