Sydney theme on iPad Pro

Hey there and thanks for a great theme.

My first wordpress website and finally I launched it.

Yesterday I was in an Apple store and tested it on a iPad Pro and unfortunately the slider images didn’t look good. They were displayed way too big and you could only see a small part of the photo. Guessing it shouldn’t be like that.

Anyone else noticed that and is it something that will be corrected with an update or do I have to change something?

Thanks for your time



Sorry, but I don’t have access to an iPad Pro, can you please post a screenshot how it looks, so we can check.

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Hi Csaba

Next time I am in a store with one I will make a screenshot…

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Ok, then upload it somewhere and post the link here, so we can check.

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Hi, I am having the same problem viewing the slider images on the front page of the Sydney Theme on my Ipad Pro. Please find the links to the screenshots. We are building a site for our church and using your theme. The Ipad Pro Screen Resolution is: 2732x2048 and the screen size is 12.9 inches.

Here is the link to the Ipad Pro Images:

Here is the link to the same images on my Ipad Air 2:

Here is the link to the same web page on my Macbookpro:

Your help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Sheri Dozier Owens

Thanks sheriowens for sharing the screenshots. Exactly was I experienced!


Any news on this?

I’ve got the same problem with the current version of the Sydney theme on my WordPress-site: