Sydney Theme keeps crashing on iphone 4S and ipad Mini 2

My Sydney theme keeps crashing on both my iphone (4S) and ipad (mini 2), but NOT on my Macbook Pro or my girlfriend’s android phone.
How is that possible??? And what’s the solution?
I’ve disabled all plugins - still the same problem. And it’s only on the front page. If you go to for example, it doesn’t happen!
No solution on forums either!
And if this contact form is NOT for theme support - WHERE IS THE SUPPORT??? PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO THEM!!! I’m getting really frustrated with this!!!
I was thinking of upgrading to PRO but this is the support I get… FORGET IT!!! I’m sure there are other potential clients with this problem!
And this is really hurting my business as I’m a web designer and if my clients see my sites crash…


Can you, please clarify what crashes on your homepage or any other page? Maybe if you can, please post a screenshot from your iPhone 4S, so I can check. I have checked your site on iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro Retina and the site isn’t crashed in any way.

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Hi Csaba!
Thanks for the reply!
It only happens on the front page when I scroll.

Tried disabling plugins … same!

Also… how do I get rid of the 2 column display??? I want one column without posts, comments etc.




Please let me know what iOS version do you use, so I can hopefully test it on an iPhone 4S with same version, but if it’s too old, then a software update may resolve the issue on your phone. About the homepage look I have replied to your other topic, please check and reply there regarding that, so we can keep 1 issue / topic.

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Here the same problem on a IPhone 4S
Tested the great Theme on this site
The owner of the company has a IPhone 4S
He only sees great slider image on his Phone grrr…

Its seems a scaling matter of the slide.


I have also tested on those type of websites and there is no issue with the scaling, maybe the old browser / OS is the cause of the issue, the screen-size doesn’t have issues, checked on a iPhone 5S ( iOS 9.3.2 ) and there it works well, also on iPhone 7 ( iOS 10.2 ) works well too, so on the latest OS it works, maybe below iOS 9.3 it doesn’t work, because of browser issues.

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I’ve got 9.3.5 on both my 4S and ipad mini 2!
So that can’t be the problem.
Crashes upon loading!
Looks like I’m gona have to change the theme!


Ingo Michehl, M.Ed.