Sydney Theme - for wordpress 4.7.1 - preloader/main header slider not working


I have the latest Sydney theme uploaded on the latest version of Wordpress 4.7.1.

The preloader stays on the screen and the website will not load. I have tried deactivating all the plugins to test it out but to no avail.

I even removed the preloader which then presented the issue of the main header slider to not load.

Please assist

Hello there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re run into issue.

Please clarify if your site doesn’t contain any PHP error. The easiest way to check is by using this plugin: If you find any error, please share it here.

Would you mind sharing your site URL here, so I can inspect it directly?



The website links are:

It seems to be working on mobile but not on desktop/laptop.

I tried the error check and the following errors came up, I am not sure if it is related:

Jan 11, 07:12:35 returning filecontents through curl.

Let me know if there is anything else that I could get to you to try and clarify the situation.