Sydney - text or content position

Hi, I hope you can help me. Maybe I just overlooked something. I am using Sydney on some of my websites without problems. Only with one of them I have a design issue: The text (all the content) looks like it’s hiding on the left side of the page. On the main page I did a workaround (I basically told every item to use the whole page width). But that does not work for the blog entries or other pages:
Please help, doesn’t look good.
Thanks in advance, Katharina

Dar Katharina,

Thank you for reaching out. I’d be glad to assist you. However, I’m not sure if I could see the issue on your site :frowning: Please take a screenshot and share it here. For the image file, you can upload it to


Hi, just found this new post
might be the same problem…

Crap, my earlier post with screenshots was not published:
Dear Kharis,
I think the problem is connected to screensizes:
View with 21" - not so very left
View with 13" - very very left

I centered the main page using the option whole screen stretched but that doesn’t work with media content at all.

Hope, the pics are helpful and the links work…
Thanks, Katharina