Sydney Slides suddenly not working, home & other pages very strange! Pls help!

Hello! Today, for the very first time, I have gone to my page and I find a lot of very strange things in my page… the slides suddenly are not working, my home page & other pages are very strange! (diffrent colors, etc.)

However, when I go to “Customize” everything seems is working ok, but when I go to see my page in 3 different computers, everything looks totally different! I don’t know what is happening?!

My page is

Thank you in advance for a prompt reply and help!


So the slides in my “home page” have ‘dissapeared’, and if you see also at the left and right sides are not complete, there are with white spaces… Also the colors in the footer of all the sites, I have tried to fix it as “always” with all the customization options, but nothing works…!

Also in all the other sites (sub-pages) and posts, it seems that the header always “covers” some information (the first lines or pictures), please take a look of my web page…

I don’t know why when I go to “Customize” “sometimes” I see the web page as always (Ok) but others don’t, however always when I go to see my page like a normal user in 3 different computers and browsers, everything looks totally different from just yesterday! I don’t know what is happening?!

Thanks again! Tell me please if you need more pictures or if you need more explanations…

Hello @cesar,

I’ve just checked your site and it seems to look well.

Did you try to clear your browser cache?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thank you for checking and for your prompt answer…

You are right, suddenly and fortunately, everything comes OK again, however, I haven’t understood what has happened…???

I don’t think it was the cache because I have tried form different devices, browsers and also Internet providers! Haha!

From one day to the other my page have changed… the slides disappeared, the colors of the footer have changed, and the header of all the other sites covers the info… Fortunately, now everything is Ok, but do you know why this happened?

Thank you again!

Hello @cesar,

Nope, I don’t know what happened :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Well, I hope never happens again… :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Best regards!


You are welcome Cesar!

And have a nice day ?

Kind Regards, Roman.