Sydney Services Type A

I’ve added additional code to the css so that four “services” appear in one row on larger screens. I’m using it for our industries section, which has 7. Is there a way to center the three that are below the first four industries (see


Hi Megan,

Please try this CSS code to centering the last three of your service items:

@media only screen and (min-width: 991px){
    .service.col-md-4:nth-of-type(5) {
        margin-left: 13%;

Thank you Awan. That centered the bottom three, but when you size the window down to be approximately a landscape tablet screen size, the responsive code splits that row into one and then two below. Any remedies to split to two and then one below? It looks awkward with how the row above behaves.

Oh I see…
Well, from the code in above, please change 991px to 1025px

Changed to 1025px but it still is awkward in the tablet size…


I can see the service items now are displayed side by side in tablet screen

ok thanks. I’m just sizing my browser window down to just see the behavior but I’ll trust it will look ok on smaller screens.