Sydney Services Menu Not Showing Up

I’ve activated the Sydney Portfolio, Sydney Toolbox, AND Toolset Types plugins. STILL, I don’t get a SERVICES menu on the lest side. What’s going on? Where is it?!?

Even though I can see the Widget for Services A-Type, it doesn’t show up on my home page. All the tutorials show how to create a services block and they have the SERVICES menu to work with. Mine is completely gone. This is aggravating.

I’m experiencing exactly the same thing. I can’t see a services or testimonials menu on my dashboard. Grateful for some help. Thanks,

Hey Peyton, I just found out how to fix this. You need to deactivate the Toolset Types plugin on your account. The Services etc menu items should then appear on your dashboard admin after that.

Ah, thank you Sharon! That worked. This theme is great, but definitely not intuitive. So many things to add and take away. Thank you letting me know. :wink:


First, it’s great that the issue is already resolved :slight_smile:

Second, we are trying to make the theme as intuitive as possible, that’s why we moved from Toolset Types to Sydney Toolbox (which works only when Toolset Types plugin is deactivated or not installed).

By the way, that change is reflected in Sydney Documentation.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Have deactivated the Toolset Types plugin & sill have no services section. Any other ideas??? Nothing below the slider comes up. Am still working on website & only 1/4 way through it & can’t fix this…

Found problem - instructional video not 100%…