Sydney services/categories not working

I am using free Syndey them and am quite happy with it overall.

My website is and I am struggling to get the Services page to work properly.
The services page is

As you can see ALL of my services are listed there in a 3 column format, even though in the PageBuilder widget I have it set to show only Type-B (only 3 services) slugs and in a 1 column format.

The page is a default template.

Why is this so hard to figure out? What am I doing wrong?

Hello there,

Please rename your service page permalink to our-services or something else as services is associated to the archive page of the service post type.


that worked well, thank you.

May I ask you a few other quite frustrating questions?

Cell-grid spacing:
I have struggled to reduced spacing between page title and the first row. I searched the entire css file and cannot find anything that has a “padding:100px” notation as what I get from my browser’s developer tools:
<div style=“padding: 100px 0px; background-position: 50% 126px;” class=“panel-row-style”>

Page titles for services tab do not make sense.
I have entered titles in the SiteOrigin text but they do not show on the services tab.

Page titles
How to hide either title?

Services excerpts
On the services Type-B widget, how do you specify displaying excerpts rather than the entire text with a link to the full service page

Thank you in advance

I realized that I hid
.roll-icon-list .content h3 {

So now I see duplicate titles, both of which are h3. how do you hide the top one which seems to be a generic h3 and the second one (formatted nicely with Sydney) is a widget-title?

Hello there,

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