Sydney Pro Woocommerce Update

Hi everyone,

Hope that you can help… I just updated the woocommerce plugin and I get the message, that Sydney Pro has some old (not updated) templates.

Do you have any ideas when an update will be ready?


Hello Donato,

Please check the version of your Sydney Pro. Is it the latest? Please note that checking it requires active theme license.

With the latest version, I only get this message

I am sure this don’t break any shop functionalities.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks a lot for your quick feedback.

Following some details:

  • The license is still valid (until April 2019)
  • I’m using the version Sydney Pro Version 2.0.9

After updating the woocommerce-plugin I have the following messages:

I re-checked also if a new version of Sydney Pro is updated, but my WP is not showing any update.



Those files don’t come with the Sydney Pro theme.
Is it possible that you’ve added them there or somebody added them for you?


Hi Vlad,

Fun Fact: after updated Sydney Pro to version 2.0.10 today the two messages disappeared.

And regarding your question: I didn’t add anything; as the two message had to do with woocommerce, it is possible, that woocommerce added this?



It’s normal that they disappeared because the files were in the theme folder and when you update, all files get deleted and replaced. Since those two files are not part of the theme, they were just deleted and not replaced by anything.

I’m not really sure if Woocommerce can add those files, could be a different plugin maybe.


Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your answer… I will pay attention when I update the plugins.