Sydney Pro Video Header


I recently purchased Sydney pro and I’m extremely excited to use it…

From what I’ve seen there is not alot of Content on how to use Crelly in order to make the header slider into a video… Anyone mind giving me a brief step by step? Or am i just using the wrong thing in order to do this? Please help! :wink:

Here is a better way to put it…

I’m to make my header into “clips” I’ve worked on… I want the videos to look like the original Sydney header (full screen). Basically my issue is the video are not posting.

A friend has done the same thing on his website (see

Im going into each slide and

“adding videos”
"applying Youtube ID"
Video populates
But NOTHING shows in the slider?
But if i upload an image that works…

Thank you =)

Hello @Infinitenetworks,

Please check this topic:

By the way, there is one background video on the site that you have provided as an example:

Kind Regards, Roman.

No no, i want to post a video to the header and im not having luck at all.

Where is header media?

Am i missing a step?

Hello @infinitenetworks,

Can you please explain which step is not clear?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Im having the same issue, how do i add a video in place of the slider image? I installed sydney pro.


Customizing Theme > Header Area > Header Media

You can change it there