Sydney PRO - UPDATES-UPGRADES to Revolution Slider and Woocommerce !?


  • Is it possible to have UPDATES-UPGRADES to Revolution Slider and Woocommerce !?
  • Is it possible to have for Projects, Clients, Testimonials, Employees and Services the same masonry (with title and excerpt!) and list layout widgets we got for Posts !?
  • Page Templates never worked from the beginning (only 2 of them: Standard and Wide).


  • Yes, tomorrow.
  • No, sorry.
  • All page templates work fine for me. Can you elaborate please?

Dear Blood… ooops… Vlad:

  • oooh… what a terrible sense of perverted humor… be polite, please.
  • ok… I will find something…
  • Wordpress 4.4.1 clean install, Sydney PRO activated, imported your template files and 3rd party tools, added a new clean Page and a new clean Post, put some text, video and img in both, tried both with each of the Page Templates from the right menu: only Template Standard and Full With did something.

Take care of yourself.
Pay attention to Anemia.

tried both with each of the Page Templates
Posts don't work with Page Templates. And the dropdown isn't present on the post editor screen, since there's no need for it.

Let’s go through each of the templates and after that you can let me know if they don’t work as they should:

  • Front Page: meant for use with the Page Builder plugin. It’s fully stretched to the edges of the screen;
  • Full Width: Lets you create a page without sidebar;
  • No Header Image: Disables the header image/slider for that specific page;
  • No Header Image - Wide: Same as the above, difference is that the page is without sidebar;
  • Featured header image: The global header is replaced with the image you set as featured for that specific page;
  • Featured header image - Wide: ame as the above, difference is that the page is without sidebar;
  • Contact: Publish it and you’ll notice a metabox showing up below the editor. There you can add contact info.

Not sure I understand the part about the humor.

Thanks Vlad.
I will verify everything by your step by step description of functions… let’s say…
… tomorrow…
I finished working for today. In the meantime:

  • Site Origin Page Builder is there and works fine.
  • About the widget for Projects and others custom post types in Masonry layout: I already managed by myself a few minutes ago and it works fine.
  • About Woocommerce: I can follow their “substitution” trick to make it work… waiting for tomorrow…
  • About Revolution Slider: I already know Athemes chose another slider to support, but that one don’t do “Posts Sliders”… I already fixed it by myself… but…
    I’m asking to myself in this Support Thread:
    “Why do I have to spend so much time fixing something that I bought !?”

I know you’re an employee, but please… tell the right ones to change their attitude about the product… there’s not so much to edit to make it work perfectly…

Best regards (sincerely!)

A clarification might be needed here: we did not chose to switch support from Revolution to a slider with less features. We were told to remove support for Revolution. Otherwise Sydney (and the rest of our themes) would have been suspended from