Sydney Pro Theme update fails!

Hi, I’m on v1.29 and can’t update Sydney Pro - I keep getting an update fail message:Download Failed - Unauthorized. How do I update the theme? I’m using a child theme of Sydney Pro which has the correct activation key.


Please go to the license page -> copy your key -> delete the key -> save -> re-add the key -> save. Updates should work after that.

Hi, I upgraded to Sydney Pro, uploaded the .zip file for the theme and activated it. I have an activation code. But when I go Appearance > Theme License and activate your license key… there is no such option. At the bottom of the menu it’s saying “Get Sydney Pro.”
Am I missing something in the process?
Best regards,

Hi John,

You probably just installed the theme without activating it, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing the Get Sydney Pro message. Please go to Appearance > Themes and check which theme is active.

Sydney theme “Active”. “Customize” button highlighted.