Sydney Pro Theme template and Woo Commerce

Hello! I recently purchased the Sydney Pro Theme which I LOVE! Using the Support Doc link, I tried to upload my theme-but the dashboard and woo commerce pages did not populate? Also, the front page template doesn’t format the way the demo does in a one page front page with links. I’m confused. Please help!
I want to reset the whole thing so that the back office dash board and the front pages of the theme are all like the demo. I may have messed up the pages and menu’s…so I think if I can just reset it all, I may be okay?

Thank you for the help!


There might be some confusion here:

  1. installing and activating the theme doesn’t add any content;
  2. importing the demo content (as shown on the documentation page) adds our demo content;
  3. WC pages show up once you run the Woocommerce setup wizard that the plugin provides;
  4. if you have imported the demo content, switching to the same static front page we’re using in the demo will result in the exact same layout.

I can help but let’s take things one step at a time :slight_smile:

OH! Thank you so very much! Well, I’m not sure how this happened…but, at one point my back office looked more like the ones in the video tutorials from the documentation page. So I think I may have messed something up bad! EEKE

Thank you for your kindness!

Is this where I’m supposed to include a link to my website?
I hope I’m doing this right.

Thanks again!
I’m going to look throught the woo set up wizard now.

Okay, so I see you have the demo content imported. Go to Customize > Static Front Page and assign the My Front Page as your static front page. Just like it is shown on the docs page.

What if I messed up the set up wizard?

I see the problem. I don’t have the static front page listed under widgets in the customize option. I think I loaded the theme wrong, or when I was deleting menus?
I don’t know how to fix that

Why would it be listed under widgets?
Send me an admin account to vlad[at] if you can’t figure it out and I’ll do a quick theme setup for you.

I think I did what you asked me to do?

I think I messed up the whole thing when I was messing around with the menu’s. I thought I was saving the right pages to link for editing using the code that was already on the theme.

But I got the demo pages mixed up with the site pages?

Nope, I haven’t received it.

The menus are standard, just like in any other theme. Sydney doesn’t do anything specific to the way menus are created. You just need to create a menu, add pages or custom links to it, then assign that menu to the Primary Position.

Do I add you as Vlad? like as a user on the account with admin? And then I put your email address…the one in the email and presumed [at] = @

You just need to go to your admin area > Users > Add New > Add New User.

I got a notice that the password was changed. That doesn’t help much if you don’t actually send the account :slight_smile: Just create a new one, send it and then delete it after I’m done.

OMG! I feel so so dumb right now!! I will create a new account. I think what happened is I put your name is as Vlad the Awesome. LOL! But I don’t know how to “send” it to you? I didn’t even know I changed the password, I thought when I clicked that I was “sending” you the password!

I wish you could see how red my face is right now! sheesh Do I post a link here to send it to you?

Don’t post any sensitive info here. Just follow the steps in my previous post and I’ll receive the account on my email. If I don’t, I’ll let you know.